Give me the words…

The journey is beginning.  On May 31st, I will again board a plane to a foreign country.

What to pray for?  I wonder this quite frequently.  There are so many turns this trip could take; which one is best?  I pray for safety, for patience, for His love to fill me that I may pour it out.  But what specifics?  Jesus tells us to pray for specific things and watch to see what the Lord will do.  I want to.  Yet I don’t know where to start.  What things do I pray for that He will honor?  How do I know He’ll honor them and bring them to fruition?

Oh Spirit, give me the words.  My heart’s desire is that You would be glorified; give me the words to pray.  Show me Your will, that I may pray for those specifics while I pray for Your desires in general.  Make Your desires mine.

He will.  He will give me the words.  He will pray through me.  He will bring His glory, and I will be blessed to see it.  Pray with me, friends.  The glory is just as much yours to see as it is mine.


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